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The heart of your course administration

You want to get more out of your training organisation, but you need more control. You want to serve customers flexibly, but also reduce the many manual tasks. You also want to get rid of all those separate lists and systems. Coachview course administration software is here for you.

  • Grip and control over your administration
  • Efficient automation from A to Z
  • Flexible software gives you freedom
  • Easily integrate other software
  • Grip and control over your administration
  • Efficient automation from A to Z
  • Flexible software gives you freedom
  • Integrate easily other software
Cursusadministratie software geeft je een robuuste basis
Course administrationsoftware modules essentialESSENTIALS

Grip and control over your course administration

Imagine our course software as the cockpit of your organisation. You have everything under control. Not the other way around. You monitor and make adjustments. Everything is integrated, so you have overview and restore calm in the back office.

More grip on your course administration by:

  • Extensive CRM functionality
  • One all-in-one solution
  • Always insight into task distribution
  • Better structure in your processes
Automate manual work course administration
Coachview Course administration software modules EfficiëntieEFFICIENCY

Organize efficiently and automate a lot

You want to organise training efficiently. Our software for course administration takes the administrative hassle out of your hands. Manual tasks evaporate and error-sensitivity is reduced.

Organise course administration more efficiently:

  • Greater self-service to customers
  • Automating unique workflows
  • Make super-fast reports
  • Automaticly sent documents and e-mails
Flexibele cursusadministratie software Coachview
Coachview software for Course administration modulesFLEXIBILITY

Complete flexibility with course administration software

You want software that adapts to your unique training process, not the other way around. This way, you’ll continue to serve customers personally. Coachview grows with you at your own pace and you adapt the software where necessary.

More flexibility through:

  • Flexible workflow setup
  • Monthly cancelable modules
  • Software that grows with you
  • Integrate with other systems

For 250+ trainers the backbone
of the course administration

I think our Training Portal, with all our offerings, is fantastic and professional and I like to show it off!

Nicole MoviatManager WSD Academy

Within a year we achieved the objective of 'getting a grip on and an overview of non-degree education'.

Margot LoopApplication Manager Utrecht University of Applied Sciences

We now have a Training portal where employees and residents can register.

Coby SchoofTraining advisor Municipality of the Hollandse Kroon

In addition to saving many hours, Coachview course administration is also easy to use as a data tool for marketing.

Yvette HillenaarBusiness Unit Manager Pink Elephant

Thanks to the automatic workflow, I now manage the complete offer for 3 training portals.

Janneke PoppingEmployee training administration ONS

Quite a few Excel lists have already been saved and we make considerably fewer mistakes.

Bart SmitsDialogue

Coachview saves our organisation 1fte and myself half a day's work per week

Marja Cousintrain2work

During audits we receive positive comments on how course data is stored and maintained using Coachview.

Hervé BuissetDirector De Nestor

Discover Coachview in 1:20

Integratraties van onze Cursusadministratie software

Coachview makes a team of your systems

As a specialist in course administration software we like to integrate with other specialists. In this way, we form a solid team. We therefore integratrate with many other systems and the list is always expanding. This reduces duplicate registration and prevents errors.

More than just purchasing
administration software


Course administration software implementation

Purchasing software is easy. It is a lot more difficult to set it up optimally. We’ll help you with this. With our experience and best practices we look at how your unique processes fit best in Coachview.

Trainings and workshops

Is the implementing successful? Beautiful! But that’s when it actually starts. Optimising every day, extra automation or strengthening your service level. Here too, we help you with trainings and workshops at every level.

Support and knowledge base

On the road something can go wrong, you forget something, or make a mistake in the course administration. Our great helpdesk is at your disposal free of charge. Do you prefer to look for a solution yourself? Then dive into our huge knowledge base.

support coachview software voor cursusadministratie