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When you say Coachview you secretly say InnoPhase. Get to know our organization before you work with us. It’s only fair.

“With 12 years of experience, we’ve undoubtedly heard your question come up more often.”

Marcel Kremers, Owner Coachview

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Our course administration software offers the flexibility you are looking for, without being overloaded with a sea of choices. We’re doing this for you.


Are you getting stuck or do you want help with optimisation? We’re here for you. Also use the knowledge base. It is full of 12 years of knowledge about your training processes.

Frequently asked questions

About the software

What is Coachview exactly?

Coachview is downtrodden course administration software, but actually it is a solution for the entire back office. All educational logistics processes can be performed in Coachview or automated. This gives you more grip and overview and reduces handwork and duplicate registrations.

Can I easily switch from another system?

Yes this is possible and we'll help you with this! The import in Coachview of existing training data is part of the whole implementation process that you and we are involved in.

In which languages is Coachview available?

Our course administration software can be set up in Dutch, English, German and French. The knowledge base is available in Dutch and English.

On which devices can I use Coachview.

Coachview is a SaaS application. Because of this you always work via a browser in Coachview. Think of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. This allows you to work with a browser on all devices. These include laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs if you like.

In which browsers does Coachview work?

All of them. Are you always up to date with your browser? Then we work on any browser. If you or your organization use older browsers, we support them:

Internet Explorer 10+

And the last two versions of

With which software packages can Coachview integrate?

We understand very well that in addition to Coachview you also use other tools. That's why we're pairing up with most of them. On our integration page you will find an up-to-date overview of all our links. Isn't yours in there? Then we can always talk to make these as yet!

About the license

What does Coachview cost?

Eén van de belangrijkste vragen, wat kost zo'n handige administratie tool voor opleidingen nou? Despite our smart modular system, this is not easy to answer. Because we don't know how your process works and you don't know how best to use our modules to cover all your processes. We therefore advise you to request a demo, then we will calculate it based on your unique process. On what you do and what you don't need. Do you want an indication anyway? Look at the pricing.

What is a user?

A user is an employee of your organization who logs into Coachview. Every employee has a different set of tasks. These tasks include other modules. You decide which user should have which modules. Should teachers be able to log in to Coachview? Then we have a special arrangement for that.

For how long do I sign a license?

At Coachview you pay per user per month. This also means that every month you are free to turn off users or stop users altogether if you want.

Does Coachview also offer discounts on the monthly fee?

You think you're a major user of Coachview? Then we have a nice discount. This is always calculated during a demo.

What is and what is not included in the license fee?

You pay the license fee for the modules of Coachview. Within the license you get unlimited access to our helpdesk and knowledge base and you can follow all our workshops for free. For other things like custom reports, implementation support and project work we use one-off costs. We always calculate this during a demo, so you won't be faced with unpleasant surprises.

Is there a notice period?

No, it's not. Coachview works on the basis of a monthly subscription. You pay in advance for the next month. If you want to quit, just quit before the next month starts. It's just as easy to reactivate a module. Ideal to grow at your own pace.

Our Team

Coachview personeel Frank van der Linden

Frank van der Linden

Enthusiastic and involved in the successful use of Coachview by our customers. Always willing to think along with the solution and with as few restrictions as possible in advance. The absolute conviction that our success depends directly on the success of Coachview with our customers. As a young parent, he or she is in the middle of family life and sporty with the mountain bike and the squash racket.
Coachview personeel Marcel Kremers

Marcel Kremers

Passionate about getting the best out of myself, our people, our services and our customers. An innovator, always looking for that next step. Never focused on short-term euros, but always on long-term added value. I am very proud of the fact that we can play such a wonderful role for trainers throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.
Coachview personeel Peter Giezen
Helpdesk Employee

Peter Giezen

I will help you by phone or email with all your questions about Coachview. In addition, I implement training portals and, as system administrator, make sure everything runs smoothly. Helping people to achieve a great performance, that's what I do it for. Outside of work I travel around the world, or play some nice chords on my ukulele.
Coachview personeel Remy Remery
Trainer & Business Consultant

Remy Remery

As a trainer, I'll make sure you get the most out of Coachview. I used to program myself for Coachview. Good, but I missed human contact. Then I was retrained as a trainer and now I train and implement Coachview for almost every client. At home I enjoy playing a swinging jazz piece on my saxophone. A fantastic instrument!
Coachview personeel Peter van de Laar
Frontend Developer

Peter van der Laar

As a digital generalist I try to master code myself more and more. My love for design allows me to take Coachview to a nicer level. And more user-friendly. At home I also experiment for my own assignments and do photography, travel and music.
Coachview personeel Vincent Piek
Backend Developer

Vincent Piek

The question behind the question keeps me busy. People think a lot in solutions without pronouncing what is really needed. Better solutions come by taking a step back and thinking and discussing this, if possible with some music in the background.
Coachview personeel Pim Raeskin
Chief Architect

Pim Raeskin

Since the beginning of Coachview I have been working on the application as Chief Architect. The best part of my work is the big challenges. Solving things that seem impossible, in the end good and future-proof. In my own time I can enjoy an exciting game of football. Which club am I for? Feel free to ask me!
Coachview personeel Oleg Bogaard
Support Employee

Marloes Boogaard

With a friendly smile I'll speak to you at the helpdesk. Whether you don't understand something, something doesn't work, or you have a complaint. I do everything I can to make your problems my own, so that you can continue quickly and efficiently. After work I enjoy motherhood, snowboarding and baking delicious cakes.
Coachview personeel Romy van den Hoven
Business Consultant

Romy van den Hoven

Before I started at Coachview I was already using the online tool for my employer. It had a company academy for our organization of 6000 colleagues. I enjoyed sparring about the software and how to use it so much that I took the opportunity to switch. Now I'm doing everything I can to use my experience on the customer side for starting and current customers.
Coachview personeel Rik Biemans
Sales Consultant

Rik Biemans

Choosing the right software is not easy. That's why I'm driven to give honest and complete advice. With the experience of our software, but also players in our market, I always answer your question from your perspective. Of course I hope this is Coachview, but the real satisfaction I get from giving advice that really helps your organization move forward.
Vacatures Coachview cursusadministratie
Marketing & Communication

Patrick Heijmans

Als medewerker marketing & communicatie probeer ik zoveel mogelijk mensen kennis te laten maken met Coachview, zodat ook opleidingen eenvoudig kunnen worden georganiseerd en geautomatiseerd. Dit probeer ik door zo goed mogelijk te verwoorden en te visualiseren wat Coachview voor je kan betekenen en al voor zoveel opleiders in Nederland en België betekent.
Coachview personeel Roel Gielis
Allround Developer

Roel Gielis

Playful inquisitive junior developer. Here I try to keep developing Coachview to improve the user experience.
Coachview personeel Thomas van den Boogaart
Scrum Master

Thomas van den Boogaard

Als Scrum Master ben ik steeds weer op zoek naar hoe we het iedere dag beter kunnen doen. Ik zorg er voor dat iedereen alle vrijheid heeft om zo goed mogelijk zijn werk te doen. Daarnaast sleutel ik voornamelijk mee aan de back-end van onze software. Mijn grootste passie is SQL en het optimaliseren van de performance van de database.
Coachview personeel Mark Heurman
Business Consultant

Mark Heurman

“Vision without action is a daydream, Action without vision is a nightmare” Vanuit die gedachte werk ik samen met de klant om de best mogelijke oplossing te realiseren. Mijn vrije tijd besteed ik aan sport, met name voetbal en ijshockey.
Coachview personeel Gerard Klokgieters
System Integrator

Gerard Klokgieters

Als enthousiaste consultant zorg ik ervoor dat iedereen optimaal gebruik kan maken van de mogelijkheden van Coachview. Mijn interesse ligt met name bij de technische kant van Coachview. Als systeem integrator bespreek ik met onze klanten de wensen die zij hebben met betrekking tot koppelingen tussen Coachview en andere systemen. Samen zorgen we ervoor dat deze koppelingen zoveel mogelijk geautomatiseerd worden. Heb jij nog uitdagingen in het koppelen of integreren met Coachview, dan ga ik graag met je in gesprek. In mijn vrije tijd sta ik graag op de tennisbaan en wandel ik regelmatig langs de vele geocaches.
Coachview personeel Oleg van Schaik
Support Employee

Oleg van Schaik

On the Helpdesk I am ready for all your questions about CoachView. I like to dive into the matter, together with you, in order to come to the right answer or a solution.<br>As a former hospitality tiger I know what service is and how important the customer is. I would now like to use these service techniques to help our customers further in CoachView. I'm not satisfied until you, as a customer, are satisfied as well.<br>In my spare time I enjoy a ride on my bike or a walk. I also like to see a lot of films and series. Uiteraard het liefst op het grote doek in best mogelijke kwaliteit.
Coachview personeel Christianne
Support Employee

Christianne van Balkom

Als customer support medewerker voel ik me zeer betrokken bij de klanten en gebruikers van Coachview. Met veel plezier en voldoening help ik hen door problemen en vragen te analyseren en oplossingen aan te dragen. Hierbij kan ik mijn jarenlange ervaring als applicatiebeheerder goed inzetten. Bovendien ben ik pas tevreden wanneer jullie het zijn, klanttevredenheid is voor mij heel belangrijk! Buiten het werk om richt ik me op mijn gezin en geniet ik al wandelend en fietsend van het buiten zijn in de natuur. Daarnaast probeer ik ook nog een beetje blues te leren spelen op mijn mondharmonica.
Business Consultant

Thomas Bos

Een applicatie is zo goed als de gebruiker die ermee werkt. De gebruiker staat daarom bij mij centraal. Wat heeft iemand nodig om zo effectief mogelijk met een nieuwe applicatie aan de slag te gaan? Waar zit weerstand en waarom?
Met veel enthousiasme, energie en positiviteit, gebruikers verder helpen doormiddel van het verwerven van nieuwe kennis en/of inzichten. Dat is wat ik leuk vind aan mijn werk en wat zich natuurlijk uit in verschillende rollen: die van trainer of consultant.
IT Engineer / Systeembeheerder

Bauke van der Velden

Als systeembeheerder ben ik graag bezig met de nieuwste systemen en technieken.
Ik haal voldoening uit mijn vak door iedere dag te kijken wat we kunnen verbeteren.
Er is altijd een oplossing, deze wil ik dan ook zo goed mogelijk implementeren.
Business Consultant

Shadan Ahmadi

Als consultant kijk en denk ik mee bij jou op locatie, bij ons op kantoor of juist samen online. Waar moet Coachview voor jullie aan voldoen, wat is daarvoor nodig en hoe komen we daar? De reis er naartoe is net zo belangrijk als de bestemming en laat dit een leerzame en vernieuwende reis worden. Ik word enthousiast van de mogelijkheden en hopelijk jullie net zo!
Na het werk ga ik graag het bos in voor een wandeling of sta ik in de sportschool voor een kickboks les. Al dat sporten compenseer ik met eten van lekkere hapjes en kaasjes.