Seeing is believing. So thought Vijfhart IT-Opleidingen.


Because of this they have tested our Course Administration software by executing a Proof of Concept. In this process we have joined forces to implement their complex structure in Coachview.

Guido de Vrught

Program Manager Vijfhart IT-Opleidingen


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For more than 200 educators,
the backbone
of the back office


“Within a year, we achieved the goal of getting a grip on and an overview of non-degree education.”

– Margot Loop, Application Manager Utrecht University of Applied Sciences

The 21st century demands highly trained professionals. Lifelong flexible learning comes first. Utrecht University of Applied Sciences therefore has as strategic priority the post-higher education (non-degree education). This is how they shape their social role.

Besides saving us many hours, I also easily use Coachview as a data tool for marketing.

– Yvette Hillenaar, Business Unit Manager Pink Elephant

How does Coachview save you money and make extra money? They know this at Pink Elephant. Besides minimizing the internal course administration, Coachview is here part of their business model. With 270 Pinkers it is a large IT service provider with its own Academy. It trains its own staff and helps other business academies such as the Dutch police and Vanderlande.

“Thanks to the automatic workflow I now manage the complete offer for 3 training portals”

– Janneke Popping, employee training administration ONS

In 2013, ONS ONS, (Government and Service) started with the aim of dealing smarter with costs related to personnel, salary and training administration for the municipality of Kampen and the province of Overijsel in the Netherlands. The goal was: doing more with less and a course administration system was really necessary to achieve this

“Quite a few Excel lists have already been saved and we’re making considerably fewer mistakes.”

– Bart Smits, Dialogue


Dialogue supports organisations and professionals with advice, coaching, mediation and training. They also carry out the Professional Training of Lawyers on behalf of the Dutch Bar Association. Together with the Centre for Postgraduate Legal Education (CPO).

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