Integrate Coachview
with LearningVille

Distribute your entire training offer at the press of a button
to hundreds of new prospects!

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What is LearningVille?

LearningVille is an online training catalogue. With LearningVille, as a student, you will have the offer of hundreds of training providers with many thousands of trainings, courses and exams at your disposal in no time.

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Mailchimp integration

Create target groups in Coachview and send them automatically to Mailchimp. This way, you can manage your contacts quickly and conveniently.

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Springest integration

One of the largest training catalogues in the Netherlands. A link is easily made. Publish your offer with 1 push of a button.

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EDU-DEX integration

EDU-DEX has been launched as an open standard by a large group of trainers in all sectors. Automatically publish your entire offer through this channel.

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Learningville integration

Integrate with this fairly new training catalogue and publish your offer on the LearningVille with the press of a button.

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