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Seamless collaboration
with all your teachers

Give your teachers more self-service and reduce the pressure on the back office. You can do all this seamlessly with our Teachers App.

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Planning insight teachers app Coachview

Give your teachers more insight

Collaborate perfectly with all your teachers. Provide real-time insight into planning and help lecturers get started in the best possible way.

  • Always insight into current planning
  • Browse by date
  • Direct route description to location
  • Changes immediately visible
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Opleidingsportaal cursus inschrijvingen verwerken

Reduce the pressure on the back office

The back office is extremely busy every day. All the work you can outsource is therefore very welcome. Give teachers more control and reduce the pressure on the back office.

  • Teachers register attendance
  • Add attendance comments for the back office
  • Teachers register success
  • Presence and success automatically processed in the back office
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