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Privacy statement

(Words that start with a capital letter (such as Evaluation account, Administration, etc.) are dealt with in the General Terms and Conditions).


We attach great importance to protecting your privacy. Both when using the Coachview website, requesting information and using the software itself, we sometimes ask for your personal details. We need these details in order to be able to offer our services. By means of this privacy statement, we would like to emphasise that we attach great importance to the confidentiality and security of your details. We carefully protect your data against loss, misuse or other unauthorised use and strictly comply with the laws and regulations that apply to us regarding privacy. Within InnoPhase BV, the company behind Coachview has drawn up a privacy policy so that it is clear to everyone how we handle your details. We describe this policy below

What data do we need from you?

To request a free demonstration, we ask you to fill in certain information about yourself and your organisation. Your name and details with which we can reach you (such as e-mail address and telephone number). To use Coachview you need an Account. As soon as we create this account we will ask you for certain information about you and your organisation. This form requires certain information, such as the name of the organisation and the billing address. You can always change these fields later on. After filling in these details, we automatically create an Administration with a main user. In this administration we save the data you entered when you created the Account, data that you later add and data that Coachview generates while using our Service. Coachview processes and stores all data that you make public via the Service. This also applies to reports submitted (errors, ideas for improvement, etc.). It is possible to delete your Account, messages that have been placed remain in the application intended for this purpose. We do anonymise this data (where possible).

Automatically generated information

Coachview collects automatically generated information about your browsing behaviour when you use our Service. This information includes your IP address and “cookies” with, among other things, preferred settings. If we already use this information, we always use it anonymously.

What do we do with your data?

We manage your data so that we can perform our Service properly. Our employees only give you access to this via internal or customer authorisation. We only grant internal Coachview authorisation if access is necessary to ensure the security or availability of the data (for technical reasons), or to support you with specific problems or questions (helpdesk and support). External authorisation is only possible with the customer’s consent. In order to optimise the Service, we keep a record of your data on the use of the application. We use your subscriber data to communicate with you via newsletters about new versions, invoices, etc.

Dealing with (customer) data by our employees

Every employee is expected to carry out the activities in accordance with the personnel manual and other rules and to make an active contribution to the implementation of this policy. In addition, Coachview has a Clean desk and Screen policy. After all, customer data cannot simply be left unattended. If these rules are not complied with, these violations can be reported anonymously by our employees to our information security hotline. When hiring, during employment and in case of dismissal of employees, explicit attention is paid to the reliability of employees and to safeguarding the confidentiality of information. Coachview has taken measures to ensure that only authorised employees can make use of the information and communication facilities. We try to work as much as possible according to the need-to-know principle. This means that employees are only given rights that they actually need to carry out their work.

What does Coachview do about information security?

Coachview strives to demonstrably comply with the NEN-ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard as drawn up by the National Cyber Security Centre (NSCS), in order to maintain the security of (customer) data. In order to strengthen this, Coachview is tested on this standard every year by an independent party. Based on the findings and points for improvement from this audit, a periodic activity plan is drawn up in which improvement measures are included. When we enter into partnerships with external parties, explicit attention is paid to information security. Agreements in this respect are recorded in writing and compliance is monitored. In doing so, we ensure that we comply with our legal and contractual obligations.

Publication of your data?

We never disclose the data you give us on our own initiative. Nor will we sell them to third parties or exploit them in any way.

Data breaches

We do everything in our power to protect the data in Coachview. Should it occur that we still have to deal with a data breach, we follow the procedures according to the Personal Data Protection Act. Those involved are always informed. Where necessary, we make a report of a data breach within the set 24 hours.

Cookies and other techniques

Cookies are small references that are recorded by the Internet browser on the user’s PC. Their purpose is to speed up or improve the use of the Internet. Coachview therefore also applies cookies. The use of cookies is generally accepted nowadays. Good to know: if you accept a cookie, we will not be able to access your computer or other personal data. You can disable our cookies, but please note that some functions within our application no longer work properly.

Online sessions & Webinars

As a user of Coachview, we always try to help you further with Coachview. We do this through online knowledge sessions and webinars. These webinars are held via Microsoft Teams. Registration for these sessions is free and can be done via our training portal. The sessions are also always made available on our knowledge base. This way, users who could not attend the session can still view it. Sessions are always recorded. The recording is later edited so that participants are not recognisable on screen. Names of participants are never made public either. Do you ask a question during a webinar or do you present a part of it? Then you become part of the recording which is shared afterwards. At this point we can no longer anonymise you. Do you not agree with this? You can object in writing by sending an email to At this point we will try to accommodate you as much as possible, as long as this does not affect the quality of the recording.

Third party sites

Coachview is of course not responsible for the content of websites of other companies to which you may link our Service. We therefore advise you to check the privacy statements of these companies when visiting these other websites.

Changing your details

The data you enter via our Service can always be viewed and changed in our application.

Changes in this statement

We draw your attention to the possibility that it may be necessary for us to make changes to this declaration. If this happens, please let us know via our website.


Vragen en/of opmerkingen over ons privacybeleid en deze verklaring? Neem gerust contact op via of bel ons algemene nummer 088 – 44 88 550 Klik hier om onze privacy verklaring te downloaden