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At Coachview, we’re here for you. Are you 100% committed to our software? Then we’ll do everything we can to support your organization. Read here what we have to offer.

Before you are a customer


Every day we work hard to make our software even better. Our roadmap gives you insight into the direction we are going with our course administration software.

  Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t choose new software for your course administration in a day. You want to turn this one inside out. And rightly so. We understand you and have already collected the most frequently asked questions.


At Coachview you don’t simply buy software. You enter into an optimization process of the entire back office together with us and make sure that Coachview fits seamlessly into this.

Once you are a customer


Once on the road, things can go wrong, you forget something, or make a mistake. Would you rather go looking for a solution yourself? Then dive into our huge knowledge base. Otherwise our great helpdesk is at your service for free.


Do you like to stay involved with Coachview? Then read the latest news about new clients, newly developed features, or new employees here.

  Trainings and workshops

Purchasing software is easy. Then becoming an expert and using the software optimally is a lot harder. With our training courses we take you by the hand. With our e-learnings you can figure it out all by yourself

  Blogs and whitepapers

Want to gain new knowledge? Then you’ve come to the right place. The knowledge of our experts captured in one place. Read how to better evaluate or choose new software.


Software without users has no right to exist. That’s why we give our users the attention they deserve. We also do this with Nextview. Our bi-annual user day.


Through our webinars we show live every 3rd version how the most important new features work. We also deal extensively with questions. Ideal for getting to know the new features.