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Finding a good service provider for your trainers management software is not something you do in a day. You want it inside out. And rightly so, because you prefer to work with your new service provider for years. We understand you and have already collected the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to call the helpdesk if your question is not listed.

Frequently asked questions

About the software

What is Coachview exactly?

Coachview is silmpy said course administration software, but it is actually a solution for the entire back office. All educational logistics processes can be performed or automated in Coachview. This gives you more grip and overview and reduces manual work and duplicate registrations.

Can I easily switch from another system?

Yes this is possible and we will help you with this! The import in Coachview of existing training data is part of the whole implementation process that you and we are going to undertake together.

In which languages is Coachview available?

Our course administration software can be set up in Dutch, English, German and French. The knowledge base is available in Dutch and English.

On which devices can I use Coachview.

Coachview is a SaaS application. Because of this you always work via a browser in Coachview. Think of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. This allows you to work with a browser on all devices. These include laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs if you like.

In which browsers does Coachview work?

All of them. Are you always up to date with your browser? Then we work on any browser. If you or your organization use older browsers, we support them:

Internet Explorer 10+

And the last two versions of

With which software packages can Coachview integrate?

We understand very well that in addition to Coachview, you also use other tools. This is why we link to most of them. On our integration page you will find an up-to-date overview of all our links. Is yours not listed? Then we can always talk to make them as yet!

About the license

What does Coachview cost?

One of the most important questions, what does such a handy administration tool for training courses cost? Despite our clever modular system, it is not easy to answer. Because we don’t know how your process works and you don’t know how best to use our modules to cover all your processes. We therefore recommend requesting a demo, then we will calculate it based on your unique process. On what you do and what you do not need. Do you want an indication anyway? Then take a look at the Pricing page.

What is a user?

A user is an employee of your organization who logs into Coachview. Every employee has a different set of tasks. These tasks include other modules. You decide which user should have which modules. Should teachers be able to log in to Coachview? Then we have a special arrangement for that.

For how long do I sign a license?

At Coachview you pay per user per month. This also means that every month you are free to disable users or stop users altogether if you wish.

Does Coachview also offer discounts on the monthly fee?

You think you’re a major user of Coachview? Then we have a nice discount. This is always calculated during a demo.

What is and what is not included in the license fee?

You pay the licence fee for the Coachview modules. Within the license you get unlimited access to our helpdesk and knowledge base and you can follow all our workshops for free. For other things such as custom reports, implementation support and project work, we charge a one-off fee. We always calculate these costs during a demo, so you will not be confronted with unpleasant surprises.

Is there a notice period?

No, it’s not. Coachview works on the basis of a monthly subscription. You pay in advance for the next month. If you want to quit, just quit before the next month starts. It’s just as easy to reactivate a module. Ideal to grow at your own pace.

Coachview staff Oleg Bogaard

“Is your question not answered here? Then please contact us”

Marloes Boogaard, Support employee

About privacy and data security

Is my data safe?

Yes, it is. Our servers run in a highly secured data centre. These are protected by soft- and hardware firewalls. Only the application server is connected to the internet. In our administration software you can only login with a username and password and the connection you have is always via an SSL certificate. This can be recognised by the lock in your browser. We are also ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and NEN 7510 certified. As a result, our information security is put to the test every year by an external party.

Who owns my data?

You. It is a legal requirement that any information you enter into our trainers’ software remains your property. We explain this unambiguously in our general terms and conditions and privacy statement.

View general terms and conditions

View privacy statement

Can I always access my data?

Certainly. Our course administration software has an uptime of 99.7% and we can be reached from any screen with internet. However, we do carry out maintenance every now and then. This is twice a month from 18.30 to 19.30. No worries. We often finish much faster!

Can I import current data?

Of course! We have standard imports lying around. Where necessary, we make them tailor-made. – This can sometimes cost a little extra – You can read more info in our knowledge base about import options.

Does Coachview make backups of my data?

There is no need to worry about dates. We make a daily system and data backup of the entire Coachview. In addition, we make a backup of transactions every 15 minutes. These are actions that are carried out by our clients. This means that we can restore a backup that is no more than 15 minutes old at any time. Restoring a backup applies to all customers and is only done in case of serious calamities. Restoring backups for individual customers is unfortunately not possible due to administrative errors. Want to know more about Coachview backups? Read our SLA.

Where does Coachview store my data?

Our server is located in a Dutch data centre. It meets the necessary security requirements around GDPR and is ISO certified. Our backups are stored at another location, also in the Netherlands.

What happens to my data when I quit Coachview?

Clients who quit always hurt us. We love to work together for years. Are we unfortunately unable to do this? Then we will delete your data after 2 months. This means that your entire Coachvie environment disappears and can no longer be restored.

About our service/services

How fast can I use Coachview?

Within 8 – 10 weeks you will often be live. Theoretically even faster, because all you need is an account. However, you often want more. Linking your website, migrating old data, changing processes, activating accounting or payment links and so on. The better you think about your process in advance, the faster it usually goes – and the more you get out of our administration tool in the end. By the way, we support you throughout the entire process.  Do you want to be live faster? Then take a look at our Fastlane trajectory.

How can I reach the helpdesk?

Many roads lead to Rome and also to our helpdesk. Do you have a question? Create a ticket via our knowledge base or by emailing Do you have a problem that really puts you in need? Then calling 088 44 88 555 is quicker. The helpdesk is available every working day from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Heeft Coachview een Escrow?

So we have done a good job for you. Should Coachview have to stop for any reason, you can use it for another year. You will understand that we have no intention of activating this Escrow Agreement for you ; ).

Hoe groot is de organisatie Coachview?

18 goed getrainde professionals aan de haak en hier en daar een aantal slimme stagiaires. We hebben gezonde groeiplannen, dus we verwachten dat dit cijfer over een jaar ‘oud nieuws’ is. Kortom, Coachview wordt elke dag groter, waardoor we meer slagkracht hebben om nog beter op de wensen van onze opleiders in te spelen.

Our service parts


Once on the road, something can go wrong, you forget something, or make a mistake. Our great helpdesk is at your disposal free of charge. Do you prefer to look for a solution yourself? Then dive into our huge knowledge base.

  Trainings and workshops

Purchasing software is easy. Then becoming an expert and using the software optimally is a lot more difficult. We take you by the hand with our training courses. With our e-learnings you can work it out for yourself.


Software without users has no right to exist. That is why we give our users the attention they deserve. We also do this with Nextview. Our biennial user day.

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