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This is what Coachview
can do for you

A huge list of functionality is super nice! But what exactly can Coachview do for your situation? We will explain this to you per sector or type of trainer. This way you know even better whether Coachview is a good fit or not.

cursusadministratie per soort opleider

Your industry has
unique processes

You have the administration under control. Not the other way around. Our course administration software gives you an overview, prevents duplication of work and brings peace back to the back office.

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cursusadministratie per soort opleider

Trainers are more than one industry

As a trainer, can you not be placed within one of the above sectors? Don’t worry, we hear that often. There is a good chance that as a trainer you recognize yourself in the groups below. Here we describe how Coachview helps certain types of trainers with their administration.

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Achieve this with Coachview

More control over my administration

Your organization is growing. More courses and students mean a lot of administrative work. As a result, you want software that provides structure and overview in your course administration. Bring peace back to the back office with Coachview.

One worry-free total solution

You want to know what’s going on. This is not possible if you have to look for information in all kinds of different places. This is time-consuming and causes a lot of miscommunication. You need an overview. You have this overview with Coachview.

Work much more efficiently

Do you work with an outdated administration system or many Excel lists? As a result, your back office does not work efficiently and simple tasks take up a lot of time. You are looking for software that helps you move forward and does not hinder you.